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Vasectomy Clinic in Christchurch

The *no needle, no scalpel* vasectomy (NSV) is an almost totally painless and extremely effective option for males who want permanent contraception. Cost is $450 for the procedure and $50 if a prior consultation is required. We are Southern Cross Affiliated providers for vasectomies.

The procedure is very “user friendly” with, in addition, no special preparation needed. Vasectomies are now the most popular form of contraception in New Zealand, with the failure rate 10 – 100 times less than tubal ligation or long term pill usage.

If you are booking-in for the procedure we would like you to read all the information here (and if it still sounds OK!!) you can then sign a consent form on arrival.

Delivery of local anaesthetic is via a very fine high speed spray and is surprisingly painless – that is the “no needle” bit. The no scalpel part means the job is done with some special small instruments leaving just a tiny hole in the skin.

Despite this easy access we remove a very small piece of vas, tie and cauterise the ends. This produces a very low contraceptive failure rate, currently nil in the last 10 years. Technical failure rate is approximately 0.25% (1 in 400) which is on par for this type of procedure.  For more on this subject, refer to the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) website From studies mentioned on the RCOG website, contraceptive failure rate for vasectomies is 1 in 2000

Dr Rob Williams performs this almost painless and effective operation from a clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand. Throughout Rob’s medical career, he has performed over 4000 vasectomies and continually updates his methods to keep up with the most effective techniques.

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